Keswick Film Festival

Friday 26th February 7:00 PM - Alhambra
Sunday 28th February 4:30 PM - Alhambra


Director: Max Farberbock Country: Germany
Cert: 12 Year: 2008 Length: 131 minsLanguage: German/Russian
2010 Festival

Audience Reaction

Score: 76.28% Attendance: 78


An estimated 2 million German women were raped by Russian troops, 100,000 of them in Berlin. ‘A Woman in Berlin’ is a diary written at that time and published some 15 years after the war’s end. Its author, who identifies herself as a journalist, was anonymous. The book's publication in 1959 inspired outrage in Germany, where the idea of German women cooperating somewhat with the Soviets was unthinkable, and in Russia, where it soiled the honour of the Red Army. It was withdrawn but reprinted nearly 50 years on.

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One of the best of a new breed of indigenous movies prying open the Pandora's box of German suffering in World War II
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