Keswick Film Festival

Friday 26th February 9:45 PM - Alhambra

The Cove

Director: Louie Psihoyos Country: USA
Cert: 12A Year: 2009 Length: 92 mins
2010 Festival
The Cove

Audience Reaction

Score: 63.89% Attendance: 18


Richard O'Barry is a kind of gamekeeper turned poacher. In his youth he caught and trained dolphins for the Flipper television series. Ever since he's been trying to make amends. Here Psihoyos assembles a crew to follow O'Barry to a remote cove in Japan where dolphins are trapped and killed for meat on an industrial scale.

Thanks to Vertigo


This is a first-rate heist movie in which the good guys are the gang and the bad guys the supposed honest citizens upholding law and order.
Philip French, The Observer

Documentary filmmaking at its most exciting and purposeful.
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone