Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 12th February 6:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake

Frankenstein Sings

Director: James Whale Country: USA
Cert: PG Year: 1931 Length: 25 mins
2011 Festival
Frankenstein Sings

Audience Reaction

Score: 85.63% Attendance: 150


An abbreviated version of James Whale's classic horror film, in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses, is unforgettably accompanied by Lancaster Millennium Choir. First brought to eerie life in the autumn of 2010, this monster of a night out involves the calmly frenetic conducting of composer Andy Whitfield and the searing and soaring voices of his creatures, sorry, chorus of volunteer voices. Once invigorated they may well go on to perform theme tunes to other movies, a Laurel and Hardy song and a cowboy medley. Hi-ho, Silver; don't turn in your grave, Mary Shelley.

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