Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 13th February 6:00 PM - Studio (TBTL)

Search for Shangri-La

Director: Various Country: UK
Cert: TBC Year: 1922 Length: 82 mins
2011 Festival
Search for Shangri-La

Audience Reaction

Score: 79.17% Attendance: 70


Share the experiences of those few travellers, explorers and diplomats permitted to enter Tibet before 1950. From the BFI archive unfolds a rich tapestry of ceremonial events, dramatic landscapes, colourful flora and fauna. Witness the installation of a new Dalai Lama and bizarre contrasts between the British diplomatic life and Tibetan customs, beginning with the earliest-ever film record of Tibet in 1922, with a party on the way to try to conquer Everest.

A BFI Compilation featuring extracts from films made between 1922 and 1970

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