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Keswick Film Club members are also entitled to members' rates at Caldbeck Area Film Society screenings and vice versa.

2013-2014 Programme

CAFS Committee has produced a programme for the 2013-14 season, which we hope will please existing members and perhaps encourage others to come along and join us. CAFS tries to show a range of films which you may have missed in cinemas, are classics or may challenge or move you. As in previous seasons, there will be two evenings with a film plus supper to enjoy

A season ticket is still good value, with 6 films for £20 or single tickets at £4 each.

NB There will be a CAFS AGM on Tues 14 Jan from 6-7pm in the Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck. If you enjoy films, we would love to see you and welcome your views. We hope that you can come and join the committee in a sociable venue for a short meeting to help plan the future of CAFS for 2014 and beyond.


Fri Sep 13

Sat Oct 12
The Odd Couple (PG 101 mins) + supper
Classic comedy

The Odd Couple was adapted from a play by Neil Simon and contains his usual witty one-liners and a wry look at different characters thrown together by fate. Felix (Jack Lemmon) is thrown out by his wife and attempts suicide. He is rescued and taken in by his divorced friend Oscar (Walter Matthau). Messy, chaotic Oscar is driven to distraction by Felix and his many tics, hypochondria and obsessive cleaning. Oscar's regular poker nights are spoiled and result in some serious quarrels. Oscar arranges a double date with the English girls from the upstairs apartment, which goes disastrously wrong. Could this be the turning point for the Odd Couple and their relationship and are they turning into just another bickering, old married couple?

Fri Nov 29
Monsieur Lazhar
French/Canadian drama

The last film for 2013 is Monsieur Lazhar (12) 2012, French/Canadian, 118 mins, subtitled. It will be shown in Caldbeck Village Hall on Friday 29 November at 7.30 pm. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film and won several other awards. It stars Mohammed Fellag as Monsieur Lazhar, an Algerian refugee in Montreal. A beloved primary school teacher has committed suicide in her empty classroom and the discovery leaves several of her pupils traumatized and the head teacher struggling to find another teacher at short notice. Monsieur Lazhar reads of this in the paper and offers his services as a supply teacher and reluctantly, the Head takes him on.

Both he and the children struggle to adapt to the school system, cultural differences and their grief. Some of the children have other emotional problems and one blames himself for the teacher's suicide. Slowly the children come to terms with their loss and develop respect and love for their new teacher. Monsieur Lazhar has a painful past of his own and when his true circumstances are revealed, he is sacked. On his last day, he gives a final moving lesson. This is a gentle, serious and unsentimental film, which shows the difference a good teacher can make to children's lives. Do not be put off by the subject matter- this is a lovely film, which will make you think and possibly shed a tear.


Fri Jan 17
Life of Pi

The film was made in 2012, cert PG and runs for 126 mins, directed by Ang Lee and won 4 Academy Awards. It is adapted from the novel of the same name by Yann Martel and was reputed to be unfilmable. Despite its PG certificate, there are some scenes which I found very hard to watch but nature can be red in tooth and claw and watching a shipwreck is never going to be easy. Stay with it though, for a film which is visually amazing and tells an intriguing story.

The young Pi's father runs a zoo in India but decides to move the zoo and his family to Canada. As the ship sails across the Pacific Ocean, there is a ferocious storm, which sinks the ship. Pi is thrown into the water and eventually manages to surface and crawl into a lifeboat, which also eventually contains a zebra, a hyena, an orangutang and a large Bengal tiger.

Pi has sampled many religions and finds his notion of a god severely tested as he ingeniously avoids becoming a meal for the tiger. In the face of another tremendous storm, he decides that he has finally seen God.

The story of his survival is narrated by the adult Pi to a reporter. Is his account to be believed or is he an unreliable narrator?

Sat Feb 15
Moonrise Kingdom + supper

The next CAFS event is a film + supper on Sat Feb 15 in Caldbeck Village Hall. The film is Moonrise Kingdom Cert (12) made in USA, released in 2012 and runs for 90 mins. As befits a film set largely around a scouts' summer camp, the supper will include some barbecue favourites followed by a choice of puddings and coffee. The supper costs £11 and the film £4 and tickets will be available from the Village stores or by reserving with Sally Vaux or Janet Stanyer.

Moonrise Kingdom is a Wes Anderson film, which is a delightfully quirky mixture of comedy, adventure and drama. The cinematography is clever and does not rely on CGI for its effects. It has an original soundtrack, which includes Benjamin Britten's Noye's Fludde and a self-effacing, starry ensemble cast which includes : Bruce Willis ( who doesn't smirk once), Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and Harvey Keitel.

The real stars are the two youngsters, who play the orphan boy scout (a latterday Huck Finn) and the girl from a dysfunctional family, who fall in love and disappear into the hinterland of an island off the NE coast of the USA, just as a great storm blows up. As they happily camp out, there is a hue and cry by the scouts, the local sheriff, parents and Social Services. Much happens before all is resolved but not without jeopardy and with some unexpected outcomes.

It was one of the most enjoyable films I saw last year and I’m sure you too will enjoy it. No sex, no violence - except for the weather- and much to amuse you.

Fri Mar 28

This film won Best Film Oscar in 201,as well as Baftas, Golden Globes and many other International awards. It’s a political thriller based on real events, released in 2012, runs for 120 mins, Cert 15. It was directed by Ben Affleck, who also plays the main character – Tony Mendez.

In the heat of the Iranian revolution in 1979, the US embassy in Tehran was overrun by Khomeini revolutionaries and most of the staff were taken hostage. But 6 managed to escape and took refuge in the home of the Canadian Ambassador. The CIA had to get them out of Iran but how? They turned to Tony Mendez, who was an expert in ‘exfiltration’ and who devized a cunning plan.

They will send in a fake Canadian film crew, which will go to Iran to make a film, backed by real producers and a plausible back story. With the aid of fake passports, they then hoped to smuggle the 6 US staff out of the country when the crew departed.

After pasting together shredded documents, the Iranian security service begins to realise that they do not hold all the US staff. The hunt is then on and escape from Iran becomes a gripping race against time.

Ben Affleck is supported by a very able cast, which includes John Goodman, Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston. The film does not show Iran, the US politics of the time or the CIA in the best light and it takes a wry look at how the Hollywood film industry works. Loads of action, loads of suspense – please do not bite your nails- but enjoy a very well made film.

The programme may be changed at short notice, if there are circumstances beyond our control.



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