Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 13th February 10:00 AM - Alhambra


Director: Gustave de Kervern, BenoƮt De Country: Belgium/France
Cert: 15 Year: 2004 Length: 92 minsLanguage: French/Finnish/English
2005 Festival

Audience Reaction

Score: 68.18% Attendance: 51


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Funniest film this year? What if I told you it was a Belgian road comedy with wheelchairs? In black and white? No, seriously. Aaltra is about two grumpy middle-aged men who lose the use of their legs in a bizarre agricultural accident then head to Helsinki to protest. This sublimely nutty black farce features a plethora of Tati-esque sight gags, Jason Flemyng as a bewildered English motocross rider, and a jaw-dropping karaoke performance by a Finnish biker. Essential viewing.

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