Keswick Film Festival

Friday 26th February 3:00 PM - Alhambra

The Second Mother

Director: Anna Muylawrt Country: Brazil
Cert: 15 Year: 2015 Length: 112 minsLanguage: Portuguese
Best Of The FestsF-Rated
2016 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 78.37% Attendance: 114


Val (Regina Casé) is a hard working live-in housekeeper in modern day Sao Paolo and is very used to looking after the everyday needs of her wealthy employers. However, when faced with her estranged daughters sudden appearance, Val is forced to reassess the social boundaries that have kept her set apart from the rest of the household. This is a fast paced and humorous dissection of Brazilian social inequalities that delivers a warm and "deeply moving examination of the essence of family" (USA Today).

A winner at many festivals!


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