Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 28th February 8:00 PM - Alhambra

A.K.A Nadia

Director: Tova Ascher Country: Israel
Cert: TBC Year: 2015 Length: 117 minsLanguage: Arabic/Hebrew/English
Best Of The FestsF-Rated
2016 Festival
A.K.A Nadia

Audience Reaction

Score: 75% Attendance: 87


Maya, a choreographer at a Jerusalem dance troupe, is married to Yoav, a senior official at the Ministry of Justice. A pair of career driven parents with two demanding children, each day requires planning and juggling, a great deal of hubbub.

One evening Maya spots a figure from her past and her evident distress reveals that she is hiding something.

"AKA Nadia is a film about choice: the choice of life, even at the price of sacrifice. It's about mothers and daughters, identities and truth and lies" - Tova Ascher


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