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Our Documentaries strand this year has something of a British flavour.

Breadline Kids investigates the impact of poverty in the UK and how it affects communities and individuals. As talk of the Big Society recedes, Faith, Hope and Charity is a celebration of the Voluntary sector in Cumbria and it is followed by Jimmy's Hall, which shows that self help voluntary work can bring you into conflict with the wider establishment.

Breadline Kids is one of two films chosen by Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group, the second being Camp 14 – Total Control Zone, an incredible (using the word in its truest sense) insight into the North Korean system of prison camps.

Cathedrals of Culture has no such polemical message – it is a celebration of architecture and the built form. Screened at Rheged, it is 3D cinema at its innovative best.


Friday 27th February 8:15 PM - Studio (TBTL)
Faith, Hope and Charity
Paedar Sweeney (2014) UK 36 mins TBC

Part of an evening celebrating the voluntary sector and community spirit, followed by Ken Loach's (final?) film Jimmy's Hall.

Faith, Hope and Charity is the name of the Heritage Lottery Funded Film which is being made to celebrate 110 years of voluntary service in Carlisle.

The film, a drama follows activity through the ages, beginning with the paternalist Carlisle Charitable Organisation Society set up in 1904, to relieve the worst effects of poverty, its transformation into a Society providing Social Service and welfare in the inter-war period and onward to an organisation involved in the mobilisation of voluntary action in post World War 2 Carlisle. The film dramatises events and stories taken out of Annual reports and minute books such as the establishment of Currock House, one of the first Community Centres in England, the settlement of Vietnamese (boat people) families in Carlisle and the running of the Tourist Information centre in the City and more…

Friday 27th February 8:15 PM - Studio (TBTL)
Jimmy's Hall
Ken Loach (2014) UK/Ireland/France 109 mins PG

An evening of celebration of the voluntary sector and of community spirit.

Starting with Faith, Hope and Charity a short film which documents the work of the Council for Voluntary Service, in Carlisle over 100 years.

According to The Guardian’s Jonathan Romney, Jimmy's Hall finds Director Ken Loach in lyrical, but typically angry, form. It tells the true story of Jimmy Gralton an Irishman who was deported from his own country without trial in 1933. His crime – to have set up a public hall in County Leitrim, a venue for education, community events and musical shindigs both traditional and featuring the jazz that Gralton had brought back from America. Gralton, a socialist, arouses the local forces of intolerance and shocked grumblings about "jazzy music … pelvic thrusts" and "the 'Losangelisation' of our people".

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Saturday 28th February 10:00 AM - Theatre By The Lake
Camp 14 - Total Control Zone
Marc Wiese (2012) Germany/South Korea 104 mins 12A

Can you imagine being born in a prison camp where the only crime your parents have committed was to disagree with the government? Stretch this imagination further, then, and think what you would be like 23 years later where this has been your only reality; where everyday you are forced to work long hours and can only dream of the luxury of a bowl of rice. You are unaware that other people do not live as you do. You have seen no books, indeed you can barely read or add up. Education has been the very minimum to allow you to carry out the slave labour you have done since you were 6 years old.

This was the world of Shin Donghyuk, possibly the only person to have escaped from a North Korean camp . Born into a North Korean political prison, he lived there all his life until he was 23. This film tells his story and is a presentation by Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group.

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Saturday 28th February 11:00 AM - Rheged
Cathedrals of Culture
Wenders, Redford et al (2014) Germany 165 mins 12A

This is a hugely ambitious project, taking some of the world’s most accomplished Directors and inviting them to get inside the soul of their favourite buildings – The Berlin Philharmonic, Norway’s Halden Prison, The Opera in Oslo, The Pompidou Centre, The Salk Institute in La Jolla California and the National Library of Russia.

Wim Wenders, whose Pina showed that he had truly mastered 3D technology is convinced that it is a medium that has not been fully explored by intelligent film makers – these 6, half-hour explorations will show just how well they achieve it.

Thanks to Metrodome

Sunday 1st March 10:00 AM - Theatre By The Lake
Breadline Kids
Jezza Neumann (2014) UK 48 mins TBC

At a time when food poverty is becoming an increasingly political issue, Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group’s choice of screening is particularly apposite. Channel 4 Dispatches asked three children to reveal how it feels when the cupboards are sometimes bare.

Thanks to Channel 4

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