Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 25th February 1:30 PM - Rheged

The Call of the White

Director: Country: UK
Cert: Year: 2010 Length: 45 mins
2012 Festival
The Call of the White

Audience Reaction

Score: 40% Attendance: 45


Double Bill with Sherpas, the True Heroes of Everest

Could you ski to the South Pole? That was the challenge that British Adventurer, Felicity Aston put to ‘ordinary women’ from around the Commonwealth as she set out to create the most international all-female expedition ever to the South Pole. Late in 2009, Felicity led a team from places as diverse as Jamaica, India, Singapore and Cyprus - some of whom had never even seen snow - on a 900 km skiing trek across the Antarctic, one of the toughest and most notoriously hazardous journeys on the planet. Eighty-mile-an-hour winds ripped through base camp; frostbite and injuries were an everyday occurrence; but they also shared beliefs, ideas and philosophies and broke no less than six World Records. Snowline has produced a documentary about the project mostly from over 3,500 individual clips of footage shot by members of the team.

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