Keswick Film Festival

Friday 11th February 7:30 PM - Studio (TBTL)

The Gleaners And I
(Les glaneurs et la glaneuse)

Director: Agnès Varda Country: France
Cert: TBC Year: 2000 Length: 82 minsLanguage: French
2011 Festival
The Gleaners And I

Audience Reaction

Score: 57.14% Attendance: 87


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Gleaners are the people who snap up unconsidered trifles: the ugly potatoes left behind after the harvest, the discarded fruit and veg of a market. They are also artists. Varda uses Millet's painting of women in a wheat field, as well as modern-day gleaners in thestreets of Paris, to produce her own hybrid: part-documentary, part-artwork, part humorous meditation on ageing (she's in her 70's as she makes the film). 'Varda tints every frame of The Gleaners and I with a kind of joyous mournfulness: When you realize life is slipping by you, you want to hold on to every scrap.' (Stephanie Zacharek,

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