Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 27th February 11:00 AM - Studio (TBTL)

Diary of a Bad Lad

Director: Michael Booth Country: UK
Cert: 18 Year: 2007 Length: 90 mins
2010 Festival
Diary of a Bad Lad

Audience Reaction

Score: 65% Attendance: 32


This pseudo-documentary follows a film professor making a film about the criminal underworld, in the process becoming profoundly involved in the company he begins to keep. The approach keeps us cleverly engrossed in the unfolding tale of corruption, while simultaneously reflecting on what we're watching. The film has become a word-of-mouth hit, touted online as leading the North West's New Wave.

Thanks to the Director


A powerful and effective film and one that is, by turns, both bleakly funny and uncomfortable to watch...with much to say about the way in which the media often pursues sensationalism with little or no consideration of their complicity in the events they record.
Paul Pritchard, Pulpmovies