Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 15th February 6:00 PM - Alhambra


Director: Kenneth Glenaan Country: UK
Cert: 15 Year: 2008 Length: 83 minsLanguage: summer
2009 Festival

Programme Notes

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Audience Reaction

Score: 77.13% Attendance: 115


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Robert Carlyle, in what some say is his best performance since Trainspotting, stars as Shaun, caring for his dying alcoholic friend. Through three time-scales – childhood, adolescent and the present in their 30’s – we see the roots both of their friendship and of the fissures that have brought them to this.


Glenaan's spare film, set on a council estate in Bolsover, shows how dreams are cruelly extinguished, yet little bits of surreal magic illuminate this tough film with glimmers of hope.
James Christopher, The Times


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