Keswick Film Festival

Friday 11th April 8:15 PM - Theatre By The Lake

Private Property
(Nue propriété)

Director: Joachim Lafosse Country: France/Belgium/Luxembourg
Cert: TBC Year: 2006 Length: 95 minsLanguage: French
2008 Festival
Private Property

Audience Reaction

Score: 66.11% Attendance: 89


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Isabelle Huppert plays the mother of teenage sons who are possessive and self-centred. When she transgresses their world of secrets, and suggests she sells the house in which they live so she can start anew with her man friend, a family tragedy is set in motion. Powerful acting from Huppert, and from Jérémie Renier alongside his real-life brother as the two sons, combine with restrained but unflinching direction to make this an emotional thriller, a gripping family drama which '...etches the line between love and hate with a savagery that is almost unprecedented' (LA Times).

UK premiere - Thanks to Soda Pictures

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