Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 19th February 10:00 AM - Studio (TBTL)

How The Rich Avoid Tax

Director: Paul Murton Country: UK
Cert: TBC Year: 2016 Length: 30 mins
2017 Festival
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Score: 77.94% Attendance: 43


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Actor Greg Wise secretly records his meetings with tax planners for this Dispatches documentary for Channel 4. They reveal to him a range of legal tax avoidance schemes that are available to the rich and famous and he comes to question the priorities of HMRC. Writing in the Guardian, he said "HMRC will gather the 'low-hanging fruit' but will turn a blind eye to the serious amounts being aggressively avoided. They will trumpet the millions they get back from benefit claimants, but are much less vocal about their inadequate record on offshore tax schemes. As our Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee said HMRC's work has led to too few prosecutions of individuals for tax evasion and that there is, therefore, no credible punishment to deter people from breaking the law in this manner."

Greg Wise will present the screening and host a Q&A after the film.

We are delighted to announce that director Paul Murton will also be joining us for the screening. Paul is an accomplished director with The Bill and Casualty amongst his credits and he appears in front of the camera in his travelogue series Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands.

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