Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 26th February 12:30 PM - Alhambra

Mia Sarah

Director: Gustavo Ron Country: Spain
Cert: 15 Year: 2006 Length: 103 minsLanguage: Spanish
2012 Festival
Mia Sarah

Audience Reaction

Score: 63.21% Attendance: 113


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In this comedy from Spain, a young girl in her twenties, Marina, and her teenage brother, Samuel, have lost their parents in an accident three years ago. Samuel has taken it hard. He hasn't left their apartment in these last three years and has created a bizarre world for himself and his once-famous literary grandfather. His eccentricity and cleverness scares off the tutors hired to educate him. Marina has no life as she is consumed with taking care of Samuel and working across the street as a waitress.

Marina accidentally meets up with a psychologist, Gabriel, and asks him to be her brother's tutor. Almost immediately, Gabriel has a powerful positive effect on Samuel. And Gabriel becomes smitten with Marina. The student Samuel reverses roles and begins to teach the shy Gabriel how to attract women.

Thanks to Gustavo Ron


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