Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 25th February 8:30 PM - Theatre By The Lake

An Englishman In New York

Director: Richard Laxton Country: UK
Cert: Year: 2009 Length: 75 mins
2012 Festival
An Englishman In New York

Audience Reaction

Score: 73.03% Attendance: 107


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Quentin Crisp moved to America at age seventy-two, "when people my age rocked themselves asleep in nursing home. Not me! I want my time lived!" And live his life Quentin Crisp certainly did. Setting off on the journey of a lifetime to New York City on September 13, 1981, the out-spoken Quentin Crisp was immediately embraced by New Yorkers and before long wined and dined by celebrities in every corner of the city. Mr. Crisp’s romantic view of New York and America was coloured by wartime relationships with GIs in London and by a love of Hollywood movies. The film was nominated and won prizes at a number of festivals.

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