Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 28th February 12:00 PM - Alhambra

The Unloved

Director: Samantha Morton Country: UK
Cert: Year: 2009 Length: 106 mins
2010 Festival
The Unloved

Audience Reaction

Score: 70.83% Attendance: 43


Morton has drawn wide praise for a film (co-scripted by Tony Grisoni) based on her own childhood. Mollie Windsor is riveting as the 11-year-old girl abused by her parents and taken into care. The camera adopts her point-of-view throughout: physically, at her height and through her eyes; but also emotionally, so that we are drawn into the terrible ambiguities of a nightmare world where the irrational often seems to hold sway. More than one reviewer has spoken of 'the solid assurance of Morton's direction...again and again, Morton created sequences that seemed to contain far more than their visible components. They felt like intense private memories put on screen.' (Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent)


Poignant, perceptive and unrelenting, this may be bleak, like all great drama, it is ultimately uplifting as well.

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