Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 28th February 7:00 PM - Studio (TBTL)

Beneath Everest: Nepal Reborn

Director: Tulsi Bhandari Country: Nepal
Cert: TBC Year: 2009 Length: 93 mins
2010 Festival
Beneath Everest: Nepal Reborn

Audience Reaction

Score: 55.95% Attendance: 74


Nepal has been through extraordinary changes in the last decade and a half, from reactionary monarchy, through Maoist insurgency, to a fragile democracy where former adversaries rule side by side. As the film's website puts it: 'Filmed over four years during the height of the insurgency and the historic transition of Nepal from a 240-year old monarchy to a Republic nation, ‘Beneath Everest’ is a journey that exposes the grass root realities of Nepal’s ten-year war...Directed by a native Nepali, the film encourages Nepalis silenced by fear to tell their stories, and challenges them to reflect on their fears, triumphs and hopes as Nepal begins the long journey towards peace.'

Thanks to the Director


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