Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 20th February 5:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake

Romeo + Juliet

Director: Baz Luhrmann Country: USA
Cert: 12 Year: 1996 Length: 120 minsLanguage: English
2000 Festival
Romeo + Juliet


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Leonardo DiCaprio, Clare Danes, Pete Postlethwaite.
Modern day Verona Beach, Florida ...with mafia-type families, customised cars and designer guns, the story is as relevant today as ever. Shakespeare's genius was in telling intricate stories in an entertaining way for a mass audience. Luhrmann gives us two hours of breathtaking imagination, stunning visuals and a brilliant soundtrack in this gleeful cinematic update. Every word spoken is from the original 400 year old text. The film set a bench mark for the rush to put Shakespeare on celluloid.

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