Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 19th February 5:15 PM - Alhambra

March Of The Penguins
(La Marche de l'empereur)

Director: Luc Jacquet Country: France
Cert: U Year: 2005 Length: 85 minsLanguage: French/English
2006 Festival
March Of The Penguins

Audience Reaction

Score: 65.18% Attendance: 256


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On the coldest, driest and darkest continent on Earth, there is snow, and there is ice, and there are penguins. Thousands of whom march many miles inland to breed, suffering freezing temperatures and starvation, but ultimately returning their chicks to the sea. This film is simply, and astonishingly, the story of this annual cycle, exquisitely made to enthral the whole family.

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