Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 13th April 12:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake


Director: A. Fothergill & M. Linfield Country: UK
Cert: PG Year: 2007 Length: 96 mins
2008 Festival

Audience Reaction

Score: 72.09% Attendance: 90


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Specially chosen for both adults and children to marvel at on the Theatre’s big screen, Earth brings you images such as you have never seen. Concentrating on the movement of a few animals, but meeting plenty of others along the way, we take a journey from North to South Pole over the course of a year, and in the words of BBCi's Ann Kelly, 'No shot is less than dazzling, most are beautiful and many are stunning.'

There is some censorship of the nastier things in nature, but the serious message of the pictures is that the damage mankind is doing to the earth is stark, and, if we are not careful, terminal. In the final analysis though, most critics appear simply stunned at the beauty of this film.

Thanks to Lionsgate Films


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