Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 13th April 12:00 PM - Studio (TBTL)

The Orchestra of the Piazza Vittorio

Director: Agostino Ferrente Country: Italy
Cert: TBC Year: 2006 Length: 93 minsLanguage: Subtitles
2008 Festival
The Orchestra of the Piazza Vittorio

Audience Reaction

Score: 63.95% Attendance: 192


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Agostino Ferrente will be joining us on Thursday evening as the North West premiere of his film opens the 9th Keswick Film Festival

Ferrente and keyboard player Mario Tranco both live in the vibrant but rundown area of Piazza Vittorio. To save their local theatre, the Apollo, they set up the Apollo 11 project - as optimistic as its moon-landing namesake - and decide to try and gather a multi-ethnic orchestra to publicise the cause. To the soundtrack of the eventual orchestra's music, Ferrente enthusiastically and humorously draws us into the search for musicians and the attempt to integrate their diverse skills - from Western classical to Arab oud and African drums - into a concert-producing outfit.

NW premiere - thanks to Wide Management (France)


Contagiously upbeat... a rousing call to arms for world-music aficionados, with strong appeal to those who believe in the mini-miracles of neighborhood cultural initiatives.
Deborah Young, Variety

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