Keswick Film Festival

Friday 11th April 5:00 PM - Studio (TBTL)

The Class

Director: Ilmar Raag Country: Estonia
Cert: TBC Year: 2007 Length: 99 mins
2008 Festival
The Class

Audience Reaction

Score: 82.14% Attendance: 28


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Raag was apparently inspired by the Columbine high-school massacre to make this award-winning film. He took a different approach from Gus van Sant's Elephant, however, gathering together a group of inexperienced young actors in workshops out of which the story emerged, with great credit to all involved, and offering an explanation of how such horror comes about. Two 16-year-old school outsiders try to protect each other, but find the bullying of their peers growing in intensity. Soon there seems only one way out. 'Asks a lot of ugly questions about peer pressure, bullying and one's rights to revenge or at least defend oneself…accomplished...' (Boyd van Hoeij,

UK premiere – thanks to Amrion OÜ

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