Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 3rd March 5:00 PM - Rheged

The New Boy

Director: Warwick Thornton Country: Austrailia
Cert: 15 Year: 2023 Length: 116 mins
2024 Festival
The New Boy

Audience Reaction

Score: 71.88% Attendance: 65


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The follow-up to his searing, highly acclaimed western Sweet Country (2017), Warwick Thornton returns with this artful, fiercely political tale of spiritual worlds colliding, starring newcomer Aswan Reid alongside Cate Blanchett (who also co-produced).

Australia, 1940s: Renegade nun Sister Eileen (Blanchett) presides over Indigenous boys deliberately orphaned by the authorities in the Australian Outback. In her orphanage, no Indigenous values, language or practices are allowed. The arrival of a new boy (Reid) unsettles the monastery, as do his mysterious, perhaps supernatural, abilities – which only increase Sister Eileen's fervour for Christ to be his guide.

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Featuring an astounding performance from Reid, transfixing cinematography and a haunting score from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, The New Boy is an engrossing, ambiguous study of spirituality, culture and colonisation that draws on Thornton’s own childhood experiences of attending Catholic boarding school and a particular chapter in Australian history.
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