Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 26th February 5:00 PM - Alhambra

Boy From Heaven

Director: Tarik Saleh Country: Sweden/France/Finland
Cert: 15 Year: 2022 Length: 126 minsLanguage: Arabic
2023 Festival
Boy From Heaven

Audience Reaction

Score: 75.56% Attendance: 89


Adam, the son of a fisherman, is offered the ultimate privilege to study at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the epicentre of power of Sunni Islam. Shortly after his arrival in Cairo, the university's highest ranking religious leader, the Grand Imam, suddenly dies and Adam soon becomes a pawn in a ruthless power struggle between Egypt's religious and political elite.

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There’s an intriguing mix of scorn and paranoia here, together with a yearning for individual figures of decency halfway down the food chain – it reminded me of John le Carré.
Peter Bradshaw Guardian

A measured but unsparing portrait of corruption perpetrated by people who, across the board, are utterly confident of their own rectitude.
New York Times



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