Keswick Film Festival

Friday 25th March 9:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake

The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful

Director: Ya-che Yang Country: Taiwan
Cert: 15 Year: 2017 Length: 112 minsLanguage: Mandarin
2022 Festival
The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful

Audience Reaction

Score: 32.65% Attendance: 49


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As the descriptive title indicates, Yang Ya-che's crime thriller is a tale of ambition, power and betrayal. In 1980s Taiwan, Madame Tang is a hard-hearted matriarch who mediates between the rich and powerful in government and business to increase the influence and wealth of her family. When one case goes wrong, with disastrous results, Madame Tang’s relationship with her daughters is changed forever.

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This sumptuously produced, meticulously plotted and deliciously acted cautionary tale provides a riotous fun time.
Zhou-ning Su The Film Stage



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