Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 1st March 2:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake

No Fathers in Kashmir

Director: Ashvin Kumar Country: UK/India
Cert: 15 Year: 2019 Length: 110 minsLanguage: English/Urdu/Kashmiri
2020 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 83.42% Attendance: 120


A teenage British Kashmiri, Noor, retraces her roots. She is joined by Majid, a local Kashmiri boy who is more smitten by her exotic foreignness than her obsession to unravel the mysteries of their disappeared fathers. Much against his better judgement, Majid finds himself guiding Noor to a forbidden area in the Indo-Pak border fraught with danger and ghosts of the past. They stumble upon a dark secret that they shouldn't have seen and Majid's worst fears are realised when they are set upon by an army patrol.

Thanks to Martin Myers


Sometimes stunning, sometimes stressful and all together sobering view of a situation that [writer-director Ashvin Kumar] seasons with hope.



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