Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 3rd March 11:00 AM - Theatre By The Lake

A Long Hot Summer in Palestine

Director: Norma Marcos Country: France
Cert: TBC Year: 2018 Length: 74 minsLanguage: Arabic
2019 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 73.36% Attendance: 93


UK Premiere

Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group screening followed by a Q&A with Norma Marcos

"I'm 16 and I've already been through 3 wars." Farah Baker, a young Palestinian, denounced the situation of Gazans under the Israeli blockade, in a tweet followed by 70 000 people.

In summer 2014, shocked by her tweet and by the war on Gaza, Norma Marcos took her camera and encountered Palestinians in Bethlehem before, during and after the war on Gaza. Through an artist, a banker, a florist, a woman race driver, a woman mayor - we discover how they are affected by this conflict in their daily life and how they rebuild their society despite the oppression.


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