Keswick Film Festival

Friday 1st March 11:00 AM - Alhambra

In Fabric

Director: Peter Strickland Country: UK
Cert: TBC Year: 2018 Length: 118 mins
2019 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 60.19% Attendance: 64


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A woman walks into a department store. Its employees are all dressed as if they belong in an adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Witches, gliding around and spouting gibberish to their customers, trying to land a sale with their hypnotic language.

The sales line works on the Sheila and the leader of the gothic tribe sells her a red dress so vibrant that its silk swishes and sways like a river of blood. It seems too good to be true; a petite size when she is not, but surprisingly it fits every curve of her body, accenting her greatest features. This is the dress you’d murder for, and would want to be murdered in....


This is a film of the senses and the sensual, with enough satirical bite to give it more beyond mere style. You'll either love it or hate it but that's something you'll have decided long before you see it



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