Keswick Film Festival

Friday 23rd February 2:30 PM - Studio (TBTL)


Director: Christina Clusiau, Shaul Schwarz Country: UK
Cert: 15 Year: 2017 Length: 108 mins
2018 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 85% Attendance: 15


A hard hitting documentary, Trophy is a startling exploration of the evolving relationship between big game hunting and wildlife conservation that will leave you debating what is right, what is wrong and what is necessary in order to save the great species of the world from extinction.

Be prepared to have your preconceptions challenged.

Thanks to Munro Films


Trophy presents the very definition of making a deal with the devil. Toronto Star Schwarz and Clusiau's disturbing documentary digs into the murk of the African big-game trade with candour and even-handedness.
The Times



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