Suicide Room

Friday 22nd February 8:30 PM - Studio
Suicide Room
Director:Jan Komasa
Cert:15 Year: 2011 Length:110mins
Country:Poland Language:Polish
One drunken kiss brings the world of popular Dominik - he with the hottest girl for his girlfriend, money to spend on designer clothes and rich parents – to a crashing halt. Seeking solace in the world of social networking he begins to isolate himself from the real world and enters a place from which there seems to be no escape; Suicide Room shows this virtual world in all its beauty and wonderment. If you have ever wondered how a person can be drawn into this on-line universe then Suicide Room is a must-see. Winner of many awards, this is one title that fully deserves its Best of the Fests billing.

Thanks to KADR Film Studios, Poland.


“Komasa's film is a stunning examination of life and finding the will to live it.”







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